DP-2100 - Cпeциaльная машина

DP-2100 - Cпeциaльная машина. Характеристики:

Computer-controlled, Direct Drive, Dry head Lockstitch Sleeve Attaching machine

The DP-2100 machine is able to easily carry out sleeve sewing process, which is one of the most difficult operation. Thanks to JUKI's unique right and left independent drive system of the top feed belt, right and left feed amount can be adjusted separately. The introduction of active-tension enables the separate setting of suitable thread tensions for sewing sleeves on a portion-by-portion basis. Machine is equipped with colour, LCD touch screen on which operators can set up easily all parameters. Sewing speed 3.500 r.p.m. Number of programs that can be input - 99 and number of steps that can be put for one program - 30.

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